Not all flowers are grown the same. Do you really know the differences between farm fresh, and supermarket cheap?

Imported flowers aren’t as good as they initially look

Did you know many of the flowers and foliage sold in Australia are imported from overseas? And whilst this may not seem a problem, it can be. 

Imported flowers can pose a considerable biosecurity risk carrying insects that are already considered pests as well as other potential new pests to Australia.

From a consumer point of view, imports and even some domestically grown flowers travel long distances to get to your destination. So although they may look fresh they just don’t last like a bunch from your local farmer, florist or market.

Quality home grown, long lasting flowers support local business

We now have the right to know where our food was grown and we believe that right should be extended to know where our flowers are grown. Particularly during these challenging times with Australian business owners having to close shop fronts, it’s reassuring to know that you can purchase fresh farm flowers and support Australian small businesses and farmers.

Every bunch of Collector Cottage flowers is labelled “home grown” for customers to trust they are receiving their flowers as fresh as possible straight from the farm.

Chemical free flowers are better for us and the planet 

Here at Collector Cottage we are working towards being an earth friendly business in every way possible because we care about the environment and the health of our community.

We only grow chemical free flowers that are locally in season. Our flowers are watered using either naturally collected tank water or our bore. 

Wherever possible in our lives we like to support local growers with the same sustainable ethos and when designing in our workshops we only use our home grown flowers. We always avoid dyed or bleached flowers. 

Every bunch matters

Next time you buy a beautiful bunch of flowers, remember to think about whose business you are really supporting, where they came from and what values matter most to you.