Hello and welcome to Collector Cottage! I’m Rachel.

For years I wanted to find a place where I could experience High Teas with every attention to detail being cared for combined with the fresh air of country life and fun meaningful connections with like-minded women through flowers.

It was nowhere to be found near Canberra!

Then I realised I could create this experience. That all the skills, life lessons and professional learning had led me to this beautiful part of the world, and everything had come together for this experience to be created.

So now that’s what I do. I’ve taken the experience I’ve learnt teaching students over 20 years and marrying the love of growing and arranging flowers together in a beautiful environment.

I connect with people by sharing how to create flower arrangements using natural farming practices and a variety of themed High Tea experiences.

Collector Cottage is a cosy retreat area located 30 minutes from North Canberra.