There is a scent of morning dew just before the sun awakens and the birds start singing. Abundance is all around us at our little micro flower farm. The earth has been kind to us. We reap the rewards of hard work from preparing the soil by adding compost and manure brought from nearby generous neighbours, mulching what was once a tiny plant from a tuber or a cutting. The maximum beauty nature can give in return is a single bloom the size of our heads! What a glorious time of year!

Everywhere I look there is colour, flowers popping up everyday with their happy faces eagerly saying, “pick me pick me”. Little do they know Mr Frost is just around the corner. Until then we continue to enjoy the magic and beauty that surrounds us. Even though there are fewer roses worth mentioning the scent as I walk up close is divine.

As I walk past the cosmos a soft breeze allows them to do a dance like motion. What a joyful place to just BE.

I’m thankful for all the people that purchased flowers for special occasions, DIY weddings, workshops, flowers for business gifts and for themselves to fill their cup with flower love.

Till next time,

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