Unlike Autumn when you will most probably find me in the field cutting flowers or feeding them, during these Winter months on a cosy day you’ll find me inside near a sunny window keeping warm. In this space I reflect, contemplate what worked this season just passed and what didn’t to improve.

Our small little community of 300 people are all tucked away in their homes. On a slow walk you are likely to smell the burning of wood from several homes and see the smoke come up from an old, dilapidated brick chimney.

Winter allows us to rest and renew welcoming jumpers, warm brews, and books to ponder and spark our creativity.

The rose petals have all been collected and dried for tea and the dahlia tubers are tucked asleep.

A time for us to ponder, replenish our minds and rest our bodies so there is space for us to bring new ideas into fruition the coming seasons.


Till next time,

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