Every day is an opportunity to learn more and to enjoy the beauty nature has to offer us.

What better place to learn than in your very own garden?

The beauty of a bouquet comes down to what YOU love, the colours, the textures, the fall of a leaf or flower. Whilst there are many techniques to flower arrangement and creating bouquets when you are picking from your garden there are no rules. This is your opportunity to play and simply delight in what you find as you forage through your bushes, shrubs, trees and flowers!

Don’t worry about whether something matches or if it will expire quicker than the other blooms or foliage you have picked, just go for it. Observe and learn. Instead of asking yourself, “is that a weed?”, ask “do I like this, what does it say to me?”. Who cares if it’s a weed if you like the look of it! (Many herbal remedies come from weeds).

Play with height, play with colour. Use foliage you would never have thought of before. This is how you truly get to connect with your garden, learn from it, nurture it, foster a relationship with the plants around you and believe me, you will be well rewarded for your time and playfulness!